MDU Time Table 2017 -2018 MA/B.Com/B.Ed Exam Date Sheet PDF Download

MDU Time Table

Dear students, if you are searching MDU Time Table then you may obtain complete and correct details regarding MDU Time Table from
here. Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak is going to operate MA/ B.Com/ B.Ed/B.Sc./ B. Pharmacy /LL.B /LL.M /M. Arch/ M.E/M.Tech etc exam for applicants who are eligible to participate in this upcoming exam. So, to check their exam date, students should read this web page. Those students who are eligible to present in this semester examination they need to check date sheet of exam and start preparation for exam according to provided exam schedule. Examination will conduct for all students who are studying in offered course. PDF file of UG/ PG exam time table is updated now so capable students can get it through online mode.

Eligible students must download MA/ B.Com/ B.Ed/B.Sc./ B. Pharmacy /LL.B /LL.M /M. Arch/ M.E/M.Tech etc Exam Date Sheet PDF to start their preparation in accurate way. All talented students who are going to participate in UG/ PG examination they should download exam scheme so that through it they may know about correct exam date and can appear in exam on prescribed date.

Suitable students can get MDU UG/ PG Exam Scheme with the help of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak official website which is Suitable students may visit MA/B.Com/B.Ed upcoming exam scheme from here without any tension or mistake. All the students who are searching for this time table they can check overall info via this web page that is created by expert’s team of olpxx.

Short Details of Time Table

University Name: Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak

Page Include Info: MDU Time Table

Exam Name: UG/ PG

Exam Date: Check Below  

Status of Time Table: Available

Official Website: Time Table Overview

MDU Rohtak Date Sheet
MDU Date Sheet for Regular/ Failure/ Re-appear/ Additional / Improvement
B.A/ B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass & Hon’s)/B.Sc. (Sports Sc.)/ B.Sc. (Home Science)/B.Sc.(Bio-Informatics) / B.Sc.(Bio-Technology)/B.S.W. /B.P.E/ B.Voc(all Courses)/ / B.P.Ed./C.P.Ed./ B.C.A/ B.B.A (All courses) / B.H.M.C.T/ B.T.M/ B.T.T.M/ B.A.J.M.C :
1st, 3rd, 5th (Full/ Re-Appear) & 6th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
4 yr Integrated B.A- B.Ed/ B.Sc-B.Ed/B.Com-B.Ed : 1 st,3rd,5th ,7th (Full/Re-Appear)
M. Pharmcy
 1st Sem.,3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 4th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
B. Pharmcy Annual Scheme(Only Re-Appear.)
B. Pharmacy : 1st, 3rd, 5th,7th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear)
 & 8th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
LL.B (Hons) 5 year & 3 Year Course:-
 1st,3rd,5th,7th,9thSem (Full/Re-Appear)
 & 10th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
LL.M : 1st, 3rd Sem.(Full/Re-Appear) & 4th Sem.(Only Re-Appear)
M.A/M. Sc/M.Com/M.P.Ed: 1 st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear)& 4th Sem. (Only Re-Appear) M.Li.Sci.: 1 st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) & 4 th Sem. (Only Re-Appear) B.Lib/M.Lib. (Annual DDE) (Only Re-Appear)
All UG/PG Diploma (Semester Scheme): 1 st Sem.(Full/Re-Appear)
MFA (Hons) Painting (6 years integrated courses): 1 st,3rd,5th,7th, 9th and 11th Sem.(Full/Re-Appear) & 8th and 12thSem.(Only Re-Appear)
All UG/PG Diploma (Semester Scheme): 1 st Sem.(Full/Re-Appear)
 1st ,3rd , 5th Semester (Full/Re-Appear)
 & 6th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
2 Year MBA Full time :
 1st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
 4th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
5 Year MBA Integrated :
 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
 10th Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MBA (Power Mgt.):
 1st ,3rdSem.(Full/Re-Appear)
 & 4th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
MBA (BE) :
 1st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
 4th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
MBA(Executive) :
 1st, 3rd Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
 4th Sem.(Only Re-Appear)
 1st ,3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear) &
 4th Sem(Only Re-Appear)
 1st, 3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
 & 4th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
B.E./B. Tech:
 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 8th Sem.
(Only Re-Appear)
1st, 3rd,5th,7th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) and 8
th, 9th and 10th (Only Re-Appear)
B. Planning:
1st,3rd,5th,7th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 8th Sem
 (Only Re-Appear)
M.E/M. Tech:
 1st& 3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 4th Sem
 (Only Re-Appear)
M. Arch:
1st& 3rd Semester(Full/Re-Appear) & 4th
 (Only Re-Appear)
M. Planning:
1st& 3rd Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 4th (Only Re-Appear)
M. Tech (CS):
 1st& 3rd Sem(Full/Re-Appear)
 & 4th(Only Re-Appear)
M.Ed (Two Year Course New Scheme):
2nd & 3rd Sem.(Re-Appear) & 4thSem. (Fresh)
(Session 2015-17)
1st Sem (Re-Appear) & 3rd Sem (Fresh)
(Session 2016-18)
M.Ed.(One Year Course Old Scheme):
 1st and 2nd Sem. (Only Re Appear)
Supplementary Examinations:
M.A/M.Sc/M.Com (DDE)Final Year (Only Re-Appear)
B.Ed. (Two Year Course New Scheme):
 2nd Year Appear (only Re-Appear)
B.Ed. (One Year Course Old Scheme): Only Re-Appear
IT/Mgt. Exams
BBA/BCA 1st to 6th Sem(DDE)
MCA 1st
 to 6
th Sem (DDE Course)
MBA 2 Year 1st to 4th Sem(DDE)
All other courses of DDE(New Courses) &
All NIAM Courses
BBA/BCA (Fresh Online DDE Course)
All UG/PG Courses (Out of University Jurisdiction)
M.Phil 1st Sem. & 3rd Sem./Pre-P.hd/P.hd.Course Work (Full/Re-Appear)
Supplementary Examinations
B.A/ B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass & Hon’s)/B.Sc. (Sports Sc.) /B.Sc.(Bio-Informatics)/B.Sc.(Bio-Tech)/C.P.Ed./ B.P.Ed./B.Sc.(Home Sc.) /B.S.W./ B.P.E/ B.Voc (all Courses)/B.C.A/B.B.A/(All courses)/ B.H.M. C.T/B.T.M/ B.T.T.M/ B.A.J.M.C :
2nd& 4th Semester Re-Appear of all UG courses
4 yr Integrated B.A- B.Ed/ B.Sc-B.Ed/B.Com.-B.Ed. :
2nd ,4rd (Re-Appear)
DDE Courses
BA/B.Com-I,II &III(Annual Scheme)
(Fresh and re appear students of DDE)
BA/B.Com Part-I,II,III-Fail/Re-appear /Addl./
OTMIL Courses:- Fresh & Re-Appear Shastri (MDU & GURUKUL) I, II & III rd Year Purva Madhyama & Uttar Madhyama 1 & 2nd Year Vishard 1st & 2nd Year Vyakarnacharya, Vedacharya, Sahityacharya and Darshacharya Part-I & II
B.A/B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass & Hons.)/B.Sc.(Sports Sci)/ B.Sc. (Bio-Informatics)/B.Sc. (Bio-Tech.)/B.Sc. (Home Sci.)/ B.Voc (All Courses)/ B.S.W./ B.C.A/B.B.A. (All Courses)/B.H.M. C.T/ B.T.M/ B.T.T.M/ B.A.J.M.C Courses ,:
Above all courses 6th Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
4 yr Integrated B.A- B.Ed/ B.Sc-B.Ed/B.Com-B.Ed : 6 th & 8th Sem(Full/Re-Appear)
B.A/ B.Sc./ B.Com (Pass & Hon’s)/B.Sc. (Sports Sc.)/B.Sc.(Bio-Informatics) / B.Sc.(BioTechnology)/B.Sc. (Home Sc.)/B.S.W. / C.P.Ed. / B.P.Ed / B.P.E/ B.Voc (All Courses)/ B.C.A/B.B.A. (All courses) /B.H.M. C.T/ B.T.M/ B.T.T.M/ B.A.J.M.C Courses :
2 nd,4th Semester (Regular Full Subject) & 5 th Semester (Re-Appear)
4 yr Integrated B.A- B.Ed/ B.Sc-B.Ed/B.Com-B.Ed : 2 nd ,4rd Sem (Full) & 7th Semester (Only Reappear)
LL.B.(Hons) 5 year & 3 year Course:
2nd ,4th, 6th, 8th,10 (Full/Re-Appear) & 9th Sem.(Only Re-Appear)
LL.M : 2nd ,4th Semester (Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
LL.B All Classes (Annual Scheme)
B.Pharmacy: 2nd , 4th , 6th, 8th(Full/Re-Appear) &
 7th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
M.Pharmacy: 2nd Sem., 4th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) &
 3rd Sem (Only Re-Appear)
B.Pharmacy Annual Scheme (only Re-Appear)
M.A/M.Sc/M.Com/M.P.Ed.: 2 nd ,4th(Full/ReAppear) & 3 rdSem (Only Re-Appear)
M.Li.Sci. : 2nd , 4th Sem(Full/Re-Appear) & 3 rd (Only Re-Appear)
B.Lib. /M.Lib.(Regular/Re) (DDE Annual Scheme)
All PG (Hons) (5 years integrated courses): 2 nd,4th, 6th,8th and 10th Sem(Full/Re-Appear) & 5 th and 9th Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MFA (Hons) Painting (6 years integrated courses) 2 nd,4th, 6th,8th,10th and 12th Sem(Full/Re-Appear) &7th and 11th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
All UG/PG Diploma (Semester Scheme): 2nd Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
MCA: 2nd, 4th ,6th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
 5th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
2 Year MBA (Full time) :2nd, 4thSem.(Full/Re-
 Appear) & 3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
5 Year MBA Integrated :2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th Sem.
 (Full/Re-Appear) & 9th Sem. (Only Re-Appear)
MBA(Power Mgt.) :2nd& 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear)
 & 3rdSem(Only Re-Appear)
MBA (BE) : 2nd, 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
 3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MBA (Executive) : 2nd, 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
 3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MHMCT/MHM: 2nd, 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
 3rd Sem(Only Re-Appear)
MTTM/MTM: 2nd, 4th Sem. (Full/Re-Appear) &
 3rd Sem (Only Re-Appear)
B.Tech/B.E: 2nd ,4th, 6th, 8th Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
and 7th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
B. Arch.:2nd,4th,6th,8th,10th Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
and 7th& 9th Semester (Only Re-Appear)
B Planning: 2nd,4th,6th,8th Sem (Full/Re-Appear)
& 7th Sem (Only Re-Appear)
M.E, M. Tech: 2nd,4th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd
Sem (Only Re-Appear)
M.Arch.: 2nd, 4th Sem (Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd Sem
(Only Re-Appear)
M. Planning: 2nd,4th Sem(Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd
Sem (Only Re-Appear)
M. Tech(Computer Application) :
2nd,4th Sem.(Full/Re-Appear) & 3rd Sem (Only Re-Appear)
DDE/Annual Course: (Fresh/ Re-Appear/Impr.) M.A/M.Com/M.Sc (Pre.) (Annual Sch.), All UG / PG Diploma /Certificate Course(UG) (Annual Scheme)
DDE/Annual Course: (Fresh/ Re-Appear/Impr) M.A/M.Com/M.Sc (Final Year )(Annual Sch.),
Pre Ph.D./M.Phil 2 nd Sem., Ph.D Course Work (Full/Re-Appear)
B.Ed. (Two Year Course New Scheme)
1st(Full/Re-Appear)and 2
nd Year (Re-Appear)
B.Ed. (One Year Course Old Scheme)
Only Re-Appear
M.Ed (Two Year Course & New Scheme):
1st, 3rd Sem. & 4thSem. (Re-Appear)
(Session 2015-17)
2nd Sem (Full/ Re-Appear), 3rd Sem(Re-Appear)&
4th Sem (Full) (Session 2016-18)
M.Ed.(One Year Course & Old Scheme):
 1st and 2nd Sem. (Only Re Appear)
IT/MGT Exams
a) BBA/BCA 1st to 6th Sem(DDE)
b) MCA 1st
 to 6th Sem (DDE Course)
c) MBA 2 Year 1st to 4th Sem(DDE)
d) All other courses of DDE (New Courses)
e) All Courses of Out of Jurisdiction of DDE &
All NIAM Courses
f) BBA/BCA Fresh Online (DDE)
Supplementary Exam:-
B.A/B.Com/ Part-III (Annual/DDE),
OTMIL Courses Final Year (Annual)
Shastri (MDU & Gurukul Scheme) 3rd Year
Purva Madhyama & Uttar Madhyama 2nd Year
Vishard 2nd Year
Vyakarnacharya, Vedacharya, Sahityacharya
and Darshacharya Part-II
Way to Download MDU Time Table
  • At first, students should log on to official website of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak which is
  • Candidates should go on the “Announcement” section.
  • Now press on the “Schedule of Examinations for the Year 2017-18”.
  • Enter on suitable link.
  • Now, exam date sheet will open on your screen.
  • Finally, take a print out and keep safe till examination day.

Note: To obtain more details about MDU Time Table you should visit Official Link.

MDU Time Table

Dear applicants, if you are searching MDU Time Table then you are on right web page because from here, you may get other good details about MDU Time Table. Maharshi Dayanand University is going to declare Date sheet for UG & PG Exams. Those interested candidates who had applied for these exams must check Under Graduate & Post Graduate Exams time table and prepare for exam according to them, applicants can also download MDU Time Table from this web page. Every year, Maharshi Dayanand University is conduct UG and PG exams as a semester and year wise in the month of April/ May. Maharshi Dayanand University operated several courses like BA, B.Com, B.Sc, BBA, BCA, MBA, MCA, Ph.D., B.Tech, M.Phil, MA, M.Sc, M.Com, M.Tech and other. The examination time table will dispatch online.

Dynamic and ready candidates who are appeared in these exams, the Scheme will be shall for them. Form MDU Rohtak Time Table candidates can know in which date their exam will be held. So, interested and ready aspirant should keep in touch with us via this web page for other details about time table. Our team knows that applicants need, so made this web page for info of Maharshi Dayanand University exam scheme or schedule.

The large number of applicants is preparing the over programs and will attend the exam according to the schedule. We are happy to inform you regarding the examination date. The written exam schedule is so close and the candidates must start the hard working to score better marks in the written exam. Maharshi Dayanand University has been imparting several UG & PG programs and zippy Courses for the students. Interested applicants can get MDU Time Table with the help of Maharshi Dayanand University official web portal which is Be sure shortly as exact time table of Maharshi Dayanand University will dispatch online, you can see that from this web page without any hesitation or mistake.

Short Details of MDU Date Sheet:

Organization Name: Maharshi Dayanand University

Page Include Info: MDU Date Sheet

Exam Date: April/May

Way to Download MDU Date Sheet:

  • First of all, students log on to official website Maharshi Dayanand University which is
  • After visiting this site, on the first page you will find “Examination” section.
  • After that choose a suitable link to get a date sheet.
  • If there any link to download MDU time table is visible then press on it.
  • Now MDU exam date sheet will display on your screen.
  • Take a print out of that date sheet and keep safe till you exam are not complete.

Note: To get accurate Available Date Sheet they must visit Official Link.

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